You recently moved to your new home, and you’re ready to deck out your kitchen with all new appliances. Go you! You worked hard to purchase your new home, and you deserve to enjoy it along with great new gadgets to help you entertain, bring your family together and help keep things clean and organized. With so many attractive items on the market, how do you decide what to buy? It’s a good idea to start with a few basic assessments to set some parameters for your shopping.

First, know your budget. No matter how many appliances you’re looking to purchase you need to set your overall budget to determine what you can by while staying within your means. You might want a new stove, fridge, dishwasher, fancy vacuum, and a new washer dryer set so you need to know what amount of funds you can allocate to each purchase and if you’ll need to prioritize some purchases over others. 

Next, make a list of items you’re looking for in order of priority. Maybe the washer dryer set you have works perfectly fine but isn’t as energy efficient as you want. On the other hand, your dishwasher doesn’t work well at all and definitely needs replacing, and the fridge you currently have is pretty out of date, and to top it off, doesn’t fit in your new home.

When you know the appliances, you want to buy, and the amount of money you can spend you’re almost ready to shop. There’s just one more critical step before you start. Make sure you measure the available space in your new home for each of the appliances. You don’t want to skip over this one step just to find out that the oven doesn’t fit when you go to install it. 

When you’re ready to shop, start by researching online to get an idea of price ranges and features for each piece. Look at warranty offerings and potential sales happening at your local appliance and home improvement stores. Make a list of the features you’re interested in for each appliance and note any models you like in particular. You should also make a list of any questions you have about how the appliances function, their maintenance, and features. Now you’re truly ready to head out to the store.

You might ultimately make an online purchase, but you should always go check out models in the store. Open doors and drawers look at rack space and mechanical features of different appliances and talk to in-store professionals. Take your list of features and questions and ask for assistance to make sure you have all the information necessary to make good purchase decisions. The last step, order your new appliances, get them installed and start enjoying them in your new home!

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